Akkarvik pub

The pub in Akkarvik is very special. It is open around the clock - all year round and what you want to enjoy there you have to bring yourself.

Sometimes local food specialties are offered, as dried fish, Bokna fish and perhaps other special dishes of your choice.

Activities - Akkarvik

Recreational areas summer

Summer in the arctic region can not be described - it must be experienced! It is light all day, often with a sun that looks like it rolls on the sea.

From Akkarvik it is possible to hike in mountains stretching up to peaks of 1000 meters. The view from the peaks is stunning. Towards the north you can see open sea and Fugløya, to the east Kvænangen and Finnmark, to the south the Lyngen Alps and to the west Vannøya. You can hike the lowlands along streams, small lakes, moraines and arctic birch wood and just feel an infinite freedom.

Maybe you have taken your fishing rod with you to try for arctic char or trout in a lake, or perhaps cod, pollack and sea trout in the sea.

There is very little mosquitoes and black flies so far out at sea and they are therefore very little annoying.

View over Akkarvika


Many painters and poets have tried to convey the light present in the winter, but few are those who have succeeded. Not much in this world is as exotic as the winter in northern Norway. Sometimes the blizzard is so thick that the visibility is not more than a meter, and other times a star clear sky with northern lights is so intense that the stars look pale.

Skiing in Akkarvik

Ski terrain

In Akkarvik and on the entire Arnøya you will find a varied skiing terrain: Flat valleys, gentle hills, hilly areas with birch forest and steep mountainsides. People from all over Europe visit these mountains to try out the steepest slopes.

Sea fishing

Deep sea fishing from Akkarvik presents you all different types of fish that are registered in these northern parts of Norway's coast. The most relevant are cod, pollock, redfish, haddock, catfish, halibut, tusk and flounder.

Several good fishing spots are within 10-15 minutes, and if the weather is bad you may always fish on the fjord where the waves never get dangerously big.

The fish landing

Fresh water fishing

There are several lakes on Arnøy with population of arctic char and trout. You also may catch sea char going up to spawn in the summer. In the sea around the island you may also fish for sea char and sea trout.


Hunting permits can be bought for several areas of Arnøy. Permits, maps and instructions can be found on the website of Akkarvik and Søre-Rekvik landowners:

Akkarvik og Søre-Rekvik grunneierlag (Norwegian only)>>.